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Black Activewear Hoodie 22420700

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I desperately tried to figure out the exact style name of this cute jacket but I failed. It's lighter weight than a scuba hoodie but not as light as an in-stride. It's the same type of cotton as the scuba, just lighter weight. Front ribbing next to the zipper and ribbing from the elbow down on each sleeve. Cute minimal back pleat for some added detail. Gently enjoyed but despite taking very special care, it is still slightly faded. Still perfectly acceptable to wear, I just wanted to be honest that the black does not look brand new. I've only washed this in special active wear detergent with NO softener so the fabric is in excellent condition. It has been sitting in one of my closets in a home that I do't visit often so despite it being clean, it needs to be refreshed. I didn't bother since it's clean and I figured that whoever buys it will wash it upon receipt anyways.

Black Activewear Hoodie 22420700

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